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Continuity and change: library technicians, past, present and future [slides]

National Library and Information Technicians' Symposium, 13-15 November 2019 Melbourne: Discover, Diversify, Dive In
This presentation (PowerPoint slides) accompanied the keynote address which looked back over the last 50 years of education for library technicians in Australia and explored the questions of ‘Why?’, ‘How?' and ‘Who? of the development of library technicians as an identifiable group within the library industry.

Victorian school library not abolished just rebranded

Following The Age newspaper article "Schools that excel: No detentions, no libraries, no problems for this girls' school", which claims that Siena College Camberwell in Victoria has abolished its library, Gaynor Robson-Garth, the Principal of Siena College, has written to ALIA stating that the article misrepresents the reality of the situation and that the school continues to have a library and employ qualified library staff.

Bridges for new careers: how to make opportunities with ever changing infrastructure

National Library and Information Technicians Symposium, 27-29 September 2017 North Sydney: bridge to knowledge
This paper (abstract) accompanied the keynote address which explored how library technicians and other staff have led and survived transformations and ensured that the library services that are of enduring value are preserved. It provides an overview of the changing pattern of skills and capabilities required, and some strategies that can be used, to meet the challenges of this ever changing world.


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