Painting with feedback [slides]

ALIA Library

Barron, Linda; Thorpe, Clare

ALIA Information Online 2017 Conference, 13-17 February 2017 Sydney: Data Information Knowledge
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) supports the paper discussing the management of public library user feedback.
Abstract: State Library of Queensland (SLQ) is committed to providing welcoming and engaging experiences for all visitors. To meet this commitment requires understanding from our visitors’ perspectives so in April 2014, State Library of Queensland implemented Tell us, a centralised visitor feedback database. This tool, managed by the Visitor Experience team, allows us to gather, analyse and respond to complaints, compliments, suggestions and comments from multiple channels. These channels include online forms, comment cards and verbal feedback. As a result, SLQ has greater visibility and awareness of our visitors’ needs and expectations. By analysing the feedback data, we have been able to identify changes and improvements to what we do and how we do it.
This paper will report on the successful collection and analysis of data via the Tell us database. This case study will also include data from our slightly whimsical Happiness touchscreen exit poll which was available in our Reception foyer from July 2015. In particular, this paper will explore the next stage of implementation – the reporting of collated feedback back to our visitors. In the interests of transparency and visitor engagement, the Visitor Experience team is aiming to close the feedback loop by presenting data about the feedback we receive and the changes we have undertaken in response back to our visitors. To do this, we are exploring how to communicate feedback responses via social media, traditional media channels and digital signage. This paper will report on our progress with making this feedback data accessible and comprehensible to visitors. It will also discuss the challenges associated with communicating responses to feedback. This paper is relevant to the theme of Data and information discovery as we outline how we are making data accessible and comprehensible and examine opportunities to create dialogue with our visitors.


Deakin, ACT: Australian Library and Information Association
State Library of Queensland