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Leaping into the unknown: adapting to a multi-storey, seven day a week, ‘destination’ library [slides]

Asia-Pacific Library and Information Conference 2018, 30 July - 2 August 2018 Gold Coast: Roar Leap Dare
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) accompanied the talk on how City of Perth Library reframed old ways of thinking, processes and procedures, and used up to date and fit for purpose systems to help staff adjust and adapt to a new way of working across multiple levels and over 7 days a week.

Beyond time and space: using AI to solve client service challenges now and into the future [slides]

ALIA Information Online 2019 Conference, 11-15 February 2019 Sydney: Infinite Possibilities
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) supports the paper which discusses the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in providing solutions to the challenges in fulfilling library client service requests 24/7.


The library experience: a discussion in possibilities [video]

ALIA New Librarians' Symposium 9 (NLS9), 5-7 July 2019 Adelaide: collaborate deviate innovate
Recording (MP4 audiovisual) of lightning talk on how libraries can utilise the built environment to enhance user experience, either using technological design or architecturally based concepts resulting in reduction of barriers to access. It will draw on both social disability and social design concepts, which when used in libraries will ultimately allow the entire community access to innovative learning experiences and different ways to experience a library.


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