Organizational change

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ALIA guidelines for special libraries experiencing service reviews

Every special library is likely to experience the review process at some point, often triggered by changes in the parent organisation. It is important to remember that while a review is challenging, it is also an opportunity to reinforce messages about the role and value of the library and information service. The review process can result in the reduction of some library and information services, but others find themselves coming out of the process in an even stronger position.

ALIA submission in response to the WA Public Libraries Strategy Consultation

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the consultation and commends the WA Public Libraries Working Group on its approach to planning for the future. Public libraries are transforming their facilities, programs, services, technologies and staff skills to meet the challenges of our increasingly digital society. However, a significant additional investment in terms of funding, resources, skills and capacity is needed to ensure plans can be realised.


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