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ALIA Library

Newsletter (May 1977)

Contents: Workshop for untrained library clerical personnel working in small hospital libraries promoted by Pat Nakouz; newsletter exchange with New Zealand Medical Librarians; amendment sheets for Medical Libraries Directory - 40 contributing libraries; AACOBS Interlibrary Loan Code of August 1976; reports on pharmaceutical information and the Derwent patents database.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (February 1977)

Contents: New members welcomed including Norma Worswick, Ballarat Base Hospital, Berta Mansourian, Southern Memorial Hospital, Karen Roberts, Frankston Community Hospital; memorial tribute to Thora Grey; salary scales of medical librarians; thanks for Hospital Library Manual Pro-Forma; thanks for book list; draft journal list; list of medical librarians in Adelaide available; course for Untrained Medical Librarians approved by Hospitals and Charities Commission; role of Pat Nakouz expanded to Manager of Commission's Library; The Librarian in the Changing World of Medicine document deposited

Newsletter (November 1976)

Contents: Mrs Drury thanked on her retirement as voluntary librarian at Ballarat Hospital; Elizabeth Ross appointed as Librarian, School of Nursing, Prince Henry's Hospital; circular advising the appointment of Pat Nakouz as Regional Medical Librarian sent to medical administrators of all hospitals by the Hospital and Charities Commission; letter from Chief Medical Officer, Dr.

Newsletter (August 1976)

Contents: Central Medical Library Organization catalogue extended to cover audio-visual materials; Pat Nakouz appointed as Regional Medical Librarian; Consultative Panel met Pat and will continue to advise the Hospital and Charities Commmission; office-bearers must also be LAA members; report on audio-visual workshop; free online access to Medline to commence at University of Melbourne and Monash University; Western Australian MLG draft constitution; book list draft, still seeking journal title suggestions; library manual pro forma draft; Committee: Esther Martin, Chairman, Anne McLean, Vic

Newsletter (June 1976)

Contents: new members welcomed including Pat Nakouz; NSW Group has written to the specialty colleges for information about collection building for post-graduate students; Anne Harrison and Enid Meldrum report on  visit to Ballarat and District Hospital; Consultative Panel wrote to Hospitals and Charities Commission to seek clarification on role of the Panel; Kerry Christensen thanked (resigned - moving to Hong Kong); book list revision continuing; refer enquiries from Community Health Centres to Pat Nakouz; discussion on procedures and a proposal for a standard outline for library manuals.<

Newsletter (February 1976)

Contents: plans to hold a weekend audio-visual workshop; draft National Constitution; Sandra Russell nominated to represent Victoria on the National MLG; thank-you letter from Jacquelline Baillie for the dinner party and presentation; NSW Group has prepared standards for Australian hospital libraries; 38 financial members; from 1976 SSAL records will be produced on tape with no retrospective access; Special Libraries Section invites medical librarians to host a meeting during October Adelaide Conference; inaugural Australian Medical Librarians' Group Newsletter has been distributed; Hospita

Newsletter (December 1975)

Contents: Chairman Sandra Russell, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer Kerry Christensen, Secretary Heather McDonald; workshop at LAA Conference successful; appreciation for the excellent work of outgoing Co-Convenors Val Strantzen and Marion Rock; Amy Bush resigns as Victorian representive on the National MLG; appreciation for Jacqueline Baillie's contribution to medical librarianship and congratulations to Fay Baker as her successor at Monash Biomedical Library; National MLG inaugural meeting held August 1975; draft constitution discussed and amended; report on visit to Melbourne University by Dr

Newsletter (July 1975)

Contents: successful CMLO dinner for Anne Harrison; Directory of Medical Libraries updates; Consultative Panel's 10 point statement included in a submission to the Hospitals and Charities Commission; election for convenors;  tour of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Library.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (May 1975)

Contents: Consultative Panel wrote to Hospital Accreditation Committee for Intern Training, Medical Board of Victoria to outline the help which the panel is ready to give to any small community or country hospital attempting to establish any sort of library service; Marjorie Pinder invited members to attend a dinner in Anne Harrison's honour to celebrate 21 years of the Central Medical Library Organization; suggestion that Darwin Hospital be given honorary membership of CMLO for one year (after the cyclone); agree to protest about compulsory airmail rates for some journals; call for nominat

Newsletter (February 1975)

Contents: request for a Directory co-ordinator; Consultative Panel visits to Mooroopna Base Hospital, Mount Eliza Geriatric Centre, La Trobe Valley Hospital, Western Regional Community Health Centre, Trade Union Clinic and Research Centre.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.


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