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Newsletter (August 1972)

Contents: membership = 44; report on wages case for the Association of Hospital and Health Services Librarians; report on Anne Harrison's visit to Sydney Branch where their meetings have speakers giving lectures rather than the workshop-type approach; proposed submission to the forthcoming Committee on Medical Schools of the Australian Universities Commission stressed the need for the provision of funds for library support to the medical schools' teaching and research functions, to the emerging concept of continuing education for medical practitioners, and the provision of trained personnel

Newsletter (May 1972)

Contents: The group now has 41 members; Miss Harrison and Mrs Baillie reported that New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia had formed state branches; slides (courtesy of the National Library) shown by Anne Harrison on the formation and work of MEDLARS; Miss Quilter reported on the application of the Association of Hospital and Health Services Librarians to the Wages Board, it was expected an interim award would align the salaries of medical librarians with those of medical photographers; inter-libary loans procedures and protocol is to be the subject of the next m

Newsletter (February 1972)

Contents: A workshop of stationery forms used in medical libraries was planned for the meeting on 16 May 1972; inter-library loan procedures will be discussed during the August meeting; Judith Quilter presented a report on an application to the Wages Board hearing; the Medical Librarians' Group  information card was discussed and samples circulated; John Vaughan hopes to establish a group in Canberra; Miss Harrison and Mrs Baillie as co-conveners of the National Steering Committee were asked to report to the Australian Library Journal about the formation of the group and the conveners of th

Newsletter (November 1971)

Contents: 1st meeting called Report of Meeting, 23rd Nov, 1971; formation of a Victorian Branch of the Medical Librarians' Group; the following resolutions were made: that such a group be formed, eligibility, subscription cost $2 per annum, frequency of meetings and no committee was formed, Fay Baker and Enid Meldrum were appointed as joint conveners of the Group. 
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

eSmart libraries

ALIA National 2014 Conference, 15-19 September 2014 Melbourne : together we are stronger
This conference presentation exploring the implementation of the eSmart Libraries program is integral to the conference theme of ‘Public Libraries Supporting Communities’, as it will not only showcase innovations in community engagement and education, but it will provide participants with an explanation of how the framework itself is practical, well supported and evidence-based.

Newsletter No.21 (July 1991)

Contents: Conference progress report; National Minimum Standards for Hospital Libraries, members of the subcommittee: Trish Aguado, Don Keast, Judith Weaver, Fay Heikkila, Ruth Murray, Paul Davis; HOSPLAN; future conferences and national executives for health.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter No.3 (November 1984)

Contents: Meetings, conference programme outline for 6th Biennial Conference 25th-29th August 1985; IFLA world list of biological and medical science libraries; news from State meetings; National Executive office bearers: Joan Martin, Sandra Russell, Barbara Jacoby; committee members: Anne Parkhowell, Jo Marshall, Mary McGill, Aina Zalitis.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.


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